Dark Asylum FTB Infinity Evolved

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  • No Griefing
  • Glitching, Duping or Exploiting the server will result in a perma ban for all involved. You will be caught
  • TpKilling is illegal
  • Being an overal minge will get you banned. Ex. claiming chunks in or around someones area w/o   permission.
  • Stealing Is Allowed
  • PvP is allowed
  • 1x1 structures are not allowed
  • Crying, Bitching or Complaining is annoying and will get you no where.

Things to Note

  • You are allowed to get on the top of the nether
  • All staff members, including the owner, play the game legit just like every other player. We do not   spawn items in for our own personal gain.
  • Floating structures are allowed (not to be confused with 1x1 structures)
  • Rule breaking is punishable by, but not limited to, Warnings, Kicks, Jail Time, Temp bans and Perma   Bans.
  • Player data older than 30 days is subject to deletion and removal of any and all claims/ homes.
  • Please try to build a good distance from Spawn as it is always growing outwards.