Dark Asylum FTB Infinity Evolved

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Come join our Discord Chat Server! Upon Joining you will need to be given permissions before being allowed to do anything, so be sure to message any Owner, Admin or Moderator that is currently online. If no one is online, the next time one does come online permission will automatically be given even if your offline.

Discord Server Rules

  • Use Press to Talk or turn your Mic Sensitivity down. (No one        wants to hear your music or how fast you can type on the              keyboard.)
  • Advertising in chat or as voice is not allowed
  • Spamming will not be tolerated
  • Keep the hard language to a minimum. (Dont over do it.)
  • No Racial or Sexual content is allowed in the Server.                    -Instant Ban from Discord and FTB Server-

Click the button above to connect directly or use the link below.