Dark Asylum FTB Infinity Evolved

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Incoming applications are on hold as of right now, please check back at a later time if you still wish to join our server.

Application format

  • Username:
  • Age:
  • Country:
  • How often can you play:
  • Other games you play:
  • Minecraft Experience:
  • FTB Experience:
  • A little about you:
  • Why do you want to join us:

Applications with short or nonsense answers will not be accepted.

We arent asking for anything perfect, so just answer to your best abilities.

Applications that are denied are eligable to reapply after one month.

Requests should only take up to 24 to 48 hrs to be accepted or denied. In some occasions it will be almost instant or within the hour of being submited. If it should take longer than 48 hrs, please contact us or check your spam folder.

*Approved applications are only valid for 15 days, if you havent joined the server by then you will need to reapply.*

*By submitting an application you agree to adhere to our server rules*