Dark Asylum FTB Infinity Evolved

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Welcome to Dark Asylum FTB Infinity Server Evolved Normal Server [Whitelisted]

About the server

This is a Brand New FTB Infinity Evolved Server that was opened to the public on June 23, 2016.
This is currently a Normal Mode server and Will Not be switching to an Expert Server.
We are currently looking to create a friendly community within the Minecraft Universe.
Because this server is a fairly new server we only have one moderator but no admin or server staff, but we are currently looking to onboard a few mature, respectful and honest players to become part of our administrative team. 
This server has plenty of room for those who want to join and everyone has a fair chance at earning a rank. 
All items in this server must be earned through legitimate means. No players will recieve bonuses or any type of advantage
over other players though donations or sucking up, however the Owner is the only one who can spawn items in for others but only in specific and special ocasions. Map Resets Will Not Happen.


We are looking for mature players who are willing to join our community or simply enjoy minecraft with us. 
This FTB Server is open for all ages young and old as long as you play as a mature player in the server.
This server is open to those from the NA and EU regions, to keep lag to a minimun. Knowledge of FTB Mods are ideal, however, we do not expect applicants to know every mod inside and out. Whether you are brand new to FTB or a FTB Master, you are welcome to apply.